Jonathan Rourke – Google

The guys at Tuners are some of the most helpful in the business. They’re always willing to dive in and figure out the exact problems you’re having and it’s source, vs fixing a symptom.

Case in point one of my cars had brakes warn to the metal. Instead of simply replacing the brakes, they spent the necessary time to discover that one of the modules for the brake was faulty due to metal shards interfering with it’s function, causing the brake to close even when the foot is off the pedal. Had they simply replaced it, I would have been dealing with the same issue in the not so distant future.

This attention to detail becomes clear when you look at some of the cars they’ve built, where significant time and effort is spent just in sourcing parts because, in the case of a replica, it’s what the original would have called for.

Can’t say enough good things about these guys, so if you’re in the area or need anything for your car, especially Porsche, give these guys a visit and see for yourself 🙂