Cayman Racers

TuneRS Caymans are fully converted for use on the track. There is a growing interest in converting street Caymans into race cars and we have provided our clients the ability to do so. All of our Spec Caymans are built in-house at TuneRS Motorsports in Coral Springs, Florida. Every Spec Cayman we put together follow class rules and achieve maximum potential. Our Spec Cayman program has been successful on the track as well.

All of our Spec Racers are carefully selected based on it’s previous history to determine whether the car is worthy of a being converted into a Spec Racer. Every Spec Racer is receive our trademarked CryoDetail service to remove all cosmoline, road grime, debris, dirt, whatever sticks to the undercarriage causing unnecessary weight as well as an unclean working area on the car. Not only does all of the build up create this excess weight, we have tested this service on our #93 SPB and a street driven 98 Boxster at Sebring and noted 10-15 degree cooler running temperature. Additionally, each race car is meticulously detailed during every aspect of the build. Any part that may have excessive wear is replaced with new Porsche components or precision made engineered parts by us. Reliability is a key factor when building a new race car and we our cars are built to withstand hours of endurance racing which creates fatigue and extreme wear on components. The first race you win is the one you finish.

Therefore, providing you the experience of owning a freshly built race car that is ready to meet you at the track for your immediate racing pleasure! Here are a few of examples of our work so feel free to click either or both cars below to see the slideshow and the story of each car to get an idea of our craftsmanship.

What’s The Next Step?

Have questions? Building a race car is a special moment and we recommend making an appointment to give you a tour of our facility, show you some of our current projects and ultimately discuss and help you to to build your TunerRS Cayman Racer.

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