Here you will find a list of installation guides & instructions for our TRS development line of parts. If you do not find the instructions listed that you are searching for, or need technical assistance, please contact us directly.

Direct Oil Feed (DOF) kit for IMS Bearing

4″ Under drive pulley for M96 / M97 engines

2 Quart Deep Sump kit for M96 / M97 engines

Oil cooler delete plate / heat exchanger

3 Quart Accusump Kit with External Oil Cooler (Spec Boxster / Spec Cayman setup)

Transmission oil cooler kit (Spec Boxster / Spec Cayman)

Power steering oil cooler kit for 986 Boxster & 987 Boxster/Cayman

Shifter security clips for shift cables

986 Boxster Spyder conversion kit

Rear toe control arm kit for 1997 – 2012 Porsche models

Steel braided brake line kit for 1997 – 2012 Porsche models

4 Point roll bar for Porsche 996 / 997

4 Point roll bar for FRS / BRZ

4 Point roll bar for Abarth / Fiat 500





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