TuneRS Motorsports offers complete engine overhauls and rebuilds for both air cooled and water cooled Porsche models. Over the years our technicians have rebuilt many motors ranging from Porsche spec racers, restorations and daily drivers. We disassemble, diagnose and rebuild engine assemblies completely at our location in Coral Springs, Florida. Additionally, some of our clients have shipped their cars or engines from all over North America for our thorough evaluation and engine diagnostics as well as for our engine rebuilding service. Clients rest assured knowing that all parts used are OEM Porsche, unless custom engine upgrades are requested to be installed.


  • Concours engine building

  • Race engine building

  • Top end rebuilds

  • Daily driver engine rebuilds

  • Engine diagnostics and maintenance

We carefully take apart engines requiring a rebuild, noting each part that was removed and each part that was discarded to be replaced. Our engines are documented, blueprinted and built for reliability. All parts needed for rebuild are ordered new, no old or used parts are ever installed into a motor during the rebuild process.

A TuneRS rebuilt motor will feel and perform like new, and your Porsche will thank you for it. Remember, Porsche cars are intended to be driven, not stored in a garage.

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