While TuneRS specializes in Porsches, some of our clients are also classic car collectors of various makes and models and some of their cars are in need of a partial or even a complete restoration. Each car is thoroughly inspected beforehand and the condition of the car will determine whether it needs a partial or complete restoration. Some vehicles we come across are so well preserved that restoration is out of the question. Many vehicles remain very valuable in their preserved state. In conditions like this, we aim to keep as much of the originality of the vehicle in order to keep its history alive. Period correct is what we aim for on each build.

We provide a ground up rebuild of these cars to bring you back in time as if the car was brand new. You get that feeling of what it was really like to drive a now classic vehicle back in the day. These classics are completely disassembled and every part is thoroughly inspected, cleaned and refinished. Many components that are able to be saved and recouped are restored and documented during the entire process.

The carpet, seats and dashboard as well as all interior parts are also removed and thoroughly cleaned, repaired or replaced with original parts to make certain that the interior is just as fresh as it was when the car originally rolled out of the dealership.

The engine and transmission are also rebuilt to original factory standards and will perform as it did when it was new if not better. Suspension, braking, fuel lines and all power train components are replaced and finished in the correct manner.

Furthermore, each of our restorations are cryodetailed so that all road grime is carefully removed and the underbody will appear as it did when it was new. TuneRS restoration services objective is to give you the feeling as if you are in a time warp machine and sent back in time to the day that timeless classic was originally built.

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