TuneRS is an amazing shop and a tight family. I’ve always been treated fairly and have had some fantastic maintenance and modifications done to my 911. They do everything from standard maintenance to full restorations and custom builds, and their pricing is more than fair. I’m a customer for life! Stop by the shop and meet Mike and Taylor; you’ll be glad you did!
Boxster Outlaws – Google
Prices are a lot more reasonable than two other Porsche dealers in the area. Everyone there is extremely professional, courteous, honest, ethical and always have time to answer questions. A great shop!
D Baldwin D’Onofrio – Google
Awesome group of guys at this shop. Shop is extremely clean and well maintained, which is rare to see at most places! A lot of nice Porsche's around and a few projects that I was able to get up close and learn about from the guys here. Mike is one of the nicest guys I have met and was very humble and took time from his day to show me around his shop and explain some of the components they have come up with for the Porsche community. I only had a basic oil service done during my visit but I gained a lot more knowledge and will definitely be back for sure! Thanks guys!
Jonathan Dover – Google
The guys at Tuners are some of the most helpful in the business. They're always willing to dive in and figure out the exact problems you're having and it's source, vs fixing a symptom. Case in point one of my cars had brakes warn to the metal. Instead of simply replacing the brakes, they spent the necessary time to discover that one of the modules for the brake was faulty due to metal shards interfering with it's function, causing the brake to close even when the foot is off the pedal. Had they simply replaced it, I would have been dealing with the same issue in the not so distant future. This attention to detail becomes clear when you look at some of the cars they've built, where significant time and effort is spent just in sourcing parts because, in the case of a replica, it's what the original would have called for. Can't say enough good things about these guys, so if you're in the area or need anything for your car, especially Porsche, give these guys a visit and see for yourself 🙂
Jonathan Rourke – Google
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