986 Porsche Boxster SPYDER Conversion

The 986 Spyder kit is only offered for in-house installation at our facility in Coral Springs, Florida. 

TuneRS Motorsports has developed the first true 986 Boxster Spyder kit for all 1997-2004 Boxster models! This kit was put together using only the best materials available and is manufactured by us right here in Coral Springs, Florida. It’s lightweight material, strength, durability, look and overall finish cannot be matched. The Spyder lid, spoiler and third brake light support are made from high quality fiberglass, prepped and given show quality finish when completed. Not only are you getting a true Spyder look, you are also removing substantial weight from your Boxster.

This 986 Spyder kit fits directly in place of the original convertible top and rear decklid, giving it a true Spyder look. This is a completely functional lid, it seals in place where the original parts used to be. The Spyder lid was molded directly from the 987 Spyder, with exact specifications from the original Porsche part. It is almost impossible to tell it is not a real Porsche part.

This kit is also completely reversible. There is no need for cutting, drilling, welding or modifying any part of the body. All of the parts go mounted into original mounting points from the parts that are removed.

For international requests, please contact one of our distributors for installation inquiries.

-986 Spyder lid & spoiler
-Third brake light housing & third brake light assembly
-2 support hinges & custom lid support
-Convertible top canvas (red or black)
-Convertible top canvas support with pins
-Windscreen with plastic window (red or black)
-Tensioning bows for convertible top
-Custom 986 spyder door glass, DOT made in USA (pair)
-986 Spyder emblem for rear lid

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