At TuneRS Motorsports, we offer quality performance products for your Porsche. We are fully equipped to handle the newest in performance technologies, such as DME Flash Tunes, custom exhaust systems, Coilover suspensions and engine upgrades. Here are just a few of the performance upgrades clients commonly request:

  • Performance string alignments – customer specifications or TuneRS recommendations (only performed with in-house suspension work)
  • Corner weight balance for vehicle weight distribution (for in-house suspension work)
  • Suspension upgrades – coilovers, control arms, sway bars, springs
  • Big brake upgrades – big piston calipers, rotors, sport & race pads, race fluid, steel braided lines, air cooling ducts
  • DME/ECU flash tune upgrades
  • Safety device installations – fire extinguishers, seat harness, seats & brackets, roll cages/bars
  • Drivetrain upgrades – limited slip differentials, performance clutches and flywheels
  • Complete engine rebuilds – piston upgrades, billet internals, or a complete rebuild with original parts if requested. Aircooled and watercooled Porsche engines.
  • Exhaust upgrades – headers, test pipes, catalytics, mufflers
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