TRS 2 Quart Deep Sump Kit

TRS Motorsports 2 Quart Deep Sump Oil Pan Kit is an extension added to the original oil pan, increasing oil capacity by 2 quarts, helping with oil starvation problems some Porsches have. Our kit was developed and used mainly in our race cars and it is best used on track only vehicles as ground clearance will become an issue as the extension lowers the oil pan by approximately 1 inch.

Kit Includes:
– 2 Quart Pan Extension (anodized gold)
– OEM 997 Pick up tubes (x2)
– Oil pickup spacer (anodized gold)
– Extended Hexagon Head Bolts (x15)
– Aluminum spacers for baffle (x3)
– Stainless oil trap
– Pan sealant

Fitment guide:

– All 986 boxster
– All 996 Carrera
– All 987 Boxster / Cayman
– All 997 Carrera

Excludes DFI models

TRS Deep Sump1



While we provide step by step instructions for installing many of our parts and upgrades on your Porsche we suggest you consider whether you are equipped with the appropriate tools, time and mechanical inclination before taking on this project yourself. Some of our clients have performed this service themselves and we have complete faith in our customers, our installation guides as well as our products. If you are not sure about whether you can handle this yourself then we suggest you have this service performed for you at a reputable shop if you are not near our facility in Coral Springs Florida. Please click the links to the right for ordering from us or locating a shop or distributor that may be closer to you.