TRS Porsche 2 Quart Oil Deep Sump Kit Installation Guide

Follow the instructions below for proper installation of your new 2 quart deep sump kit.

Recommended professional installation. Failure to follow instructions correctly can damage components or your vehicle.

This kit is recommended for off-road use due to clearance issues that may arise with street vehicles. Take full precaution when performing the installation. If you have technical questions or need assistance please give us a call at 954.345.7877


  • 1997 – 2008 Porsche Boxster / Boxster S
  • 2005 – 2008 Porsche Cayman / Cayman S
  • 1998 – 2008 Porsche Carrera / Carrera S
  • Excludes GT2, GT3, Turbo & DFI models


  • 2x Oil tubes (part no. 997.107.016.00)
  • 1x aluminum baffle gasket
  • 1x aluminum 2qt pan extension
  • 1x aluminum pickup spacer
  • 3x aluminum 1-1/16” spacers
  • 1x pickup spacer o-ring
  • 1x Reinzosil Universal Sealing Compound
  • 18x hex head bolts (3 told hold plastic baffle, 15 to bolt oil pan in place)

**These instructions begin after the oil pan and pickup tube have been removed from the vehicle. Most of the images shown on these instructions will be inverted from what you actually see as this engine in the photos is off of a vehicle and on an engine stand. In your case, you will be looking at it from underneath the vehicle, so invert the images.

We recommend before doing the final installation of the deep sump to do an initial mock up to ensure fitment is correct. Once you place the sealant to the deep sump it becomes very difficult to remove.

Step 1: Remove oil pan, baffle and pickup tube. It is best to clean the area and pan once you do this. Take the opportunity to also inspect for any metal debris in your oil pan. If you find metal at this time – stop immediately and consult your local Porsche professional as you may have an internal problem.











Step 2: Install two (2) oil pickup tubes (part no 997.107.016.00) as shown below.











Step 3: Install oil pickup tube aluminum spacer as shown below.

**Be sure you installed the supplied O-ring between the spacer and engine casting.











Step 4: Install oil pickup return tube and bolt down using two of the supplied hex bolts.











Step 5: Using the provided Reinzosil sealant, apply to edge of oil pan (as shown below).











The aluminum baffle spacer does NOT mount to the oil pan itself, it will mount between the engine block and 2 quart extension. The 2 quart extension will mount directly to the oil pan, with the aluminum baffle spacer between block and extension. (see below).

Step 6: You must modify the original plastic baffle. Remove the outer lip (use the line marked in red as a reference. Remove material all the way to the line, it is about 5mm). On the same plastic baffle, remove 5mm of the area marked in red in the photos.




















Step 7: Apply sealant to the extension as shown below. NOTE, DO NOT MOUNT THE EXTENSION DIRECTLY TO THE BLOCK.

This is what your thin coat of sealant should look like on the extension.











Step 8: Mount the deep sump extension to the pan. (Note, the photo does not show the pan extension with the sealant. Make sure you have applied the sealant before installing the aluminum baffle on top).











Step 9: Next, mount the baffle plate to the deep sump extension. Make sure to apply sealant between the extension and baffle.











Step 10: With the baffle in place, align the 3 aluminum 1-1/6” spacers between the baffle plate and oil pan.



**Note: previous versions of our Deep Sump kits did not come supplied with these 1-1/16” aluminum spacers (pre-2014). If your kit did not come with them, you can use locking hardware to secure the plastic baffle in place**









Step 11: Install the plastic baffle on top of the aluminum baffle plate after it has been modified as mentioned previously in the instructions.











Step 12: Once you have your deep sump kit looking like this, it is time to install it into the engine block.

Make sure to apply sealant between the baffle and the engine block.

Step 13: With the supplied bolts, install your oil pan and deep sump extension into the block.











Step 14: Add engine oil to proper level. Remember, you now have 2 extra quarts of oil to add during your oil fill up.

Step 15: Crank the engine (after adding correct amount of oil) and check your work.

Step 16: Test drive and enjoy your Porsche!

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