TuneRS Porsche Spec Boxster #008

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This is Spec Boxster build #008 by TuneRS Motorsports. The car is currently in build progress. It is painted Riviera Blue with Orange-glow accents. The car is currently for sale and will be completed with all of the options each of our Spec Boxster receives.

This Boxster started as a clean tub which was the perfect candidate. The entire tub was stripped down to nothing, even the original seam sealer was removed for ultimate weight savings. The wiring harness was also stripped out and all unnecessary wiring was eliminated. The wire harness, fuse box and relay box were then moved to the passenger side of the vehicle to help with weight balance.

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Online Test Drive 48 Hours at Sebring (Enduro)

What’s The Next Step?

Have questions? Building a race car is a special moment and we recommend making an appointment to give you a tour of our facility, show you some of our current projects and ultimately discuss and show you this Spec Boxster or just building one for you in the color of your choice.

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