TuneRS Motorsports is fully equipped with new updated equipment to mount and balance your tires and wheels. We have two tire mounting machines, which can handle up to 30 inch wheels. Our technicians have spent many hours training on these machines and know how to handle even the most difficult installations. The technicians are also trained on the many different types of wheels and the proper way to replace tires on these various wheels.

TuneRS Motorsports sells name brand tires for our client vehicles who need to get fresh rubber. Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, BFGoodrich, Continental are a few of the brands we provide. Stop by for a quote on tires for your Porsche!

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Wheel Balancing

Balancing keeps your tires vibration free while driving. All cast wheels have an imbalance of weight when they are manufactured. The difference of the imbalance is not much, it is merely a couple of ounces but that amount of difference will create vibrations and shaking. Our balance machine has Hunter’s Road Force Balance System which detects any potential tire issues that may cause vibration that cannot be solved with a normal balance. The road roller applies a force against the wheel and tire to measure combined eveness. The balancer checks to make sure the wheel and tire are round when under road conditions. The machine detects if any imbalance between the wheel and tire exists, if not, then an OK is given and the tire and wheel are balanced. The balancing machine uses ForceMatching which aligns the highest point of the tire with the lowest point of the wheel. This will give a better ride quality compared to normal electronic balancing. If the wheel and tire is not accepted during the Road Force measurement, it is suggested to have either a different wheel or tire installed.

993 rs clubsport wheels

What can you do to extend your tire’s life? Make sure your vehicle is always running with the factory specified tire pressure by checking your air pressure once a week. Nitrogen is also a great way to increase the life of your tires, provide a smoother ride and in some cases increase gas mileage. Nitrogen replaces normal air inside of the tire. Nitrogen tends to keep the pressure on the tires more consistent than air does. Air filled tires lose their pressure 10 times faster than Nitrogen filled tires. Having your tires rotated every other oil change or 10,000 miles ensures they all recieve the same amount of wear. A wheel alignment is also another way to keep your tires longer. Alignment checks are recommended to be done every 10,000 to 15,000 miles to ensure the vehicle is pointing “straight” and not dragging the tires. The vehicle may pull left or right, but your alignment is still out of specification, causing tire wear and shortening tire life.

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