TuneRS Motorsports offers PPI (Pre-Purchase Inspections) for clients considering purchasing a pre-owned car. All used cars have a history, some good and some bad. The only way to know if the vehicle you are purchasing is in tip-top shape is to have it inspected thoroughly by our expert technicians.

All vehicles can last a lifetime if they are taken care of and maintained properly. All vehicles suffer wear and tear and some even undergo major abuse. The ones that are maintained last many times longer than those that are neglected. In order to understand if the vehicle you are considering purchasing is one of the good ones or a bad one, this is where the pre-purchase inspection becomes invaluable.

Our technicians do a complete, thorough inspection of the entire vehicle, bumper to bumper. We perform an engine leak down test to determine the amount of pressure loss in each cylinder, this tells the condition of the valves and rings. All the spark plugs are removed in firing order with the motor set at top dead center. A leak down gauge is inserted into the spark pluge hole, and compressed air is injected into the cylinder. A percentage reading is then displayed. An excellent motor will show from 1% to 10% leakage. A good condition, but not perfect engine will have in the upward range of 20%. Anything over 25% leakage indicates problems and would require to have the motor removed and dismantled for further inspection. Many engines that have excessive leakage can have problems with camshaft lobes, valve springs, lifters, etc. Timing can also effect the motor; incorrect timing may show small leakage but the compression may be low.

After inspecting the rest of the vehicle, the technician performs a driveability test. Any noises, vibrations, shifting problems, hesitation, are all noted. A 2 page report is filled out noting any problems or concerns the technician may have noticed or felt while test driving.

The interior is inspected for any power equipment malfunctioning, missing owners manuals, scratches, tears, burn marks, smells, etc. The exterior is checked for previous collision damage repair, current damage, door dings and scratches. The paint is measured and the mil recording (a signal is sent from the measuring tools magnet to the metal and bounces back, noting the distance between the two which is the thickness of the paint). Vehicles with factory paint will have readings of 3.0mils to 5mils. 5.5 to 6.5 mils may indicate a minor repair on the exterior paint, possibly from a scratch or small dent. Any reading over 6.5 mils indicates prior damage that was repaired. We can also determine if bondo or filler was applied. The measuring tool cannot measure paint thickness on top of filler, it will display a “- -” sign, automatically indicating previous repair. Not all the time can proper paint readings be performed, if the vehicle has exterior body panels made of fiberglass from factory, a reading cannot be determined. Only a trained eye can then determine if such a vehicle has been repaired.

A final report is then transmitted or handed to the person interested in purchasing the vehicle. This final report and discussion can help determine if the vehicle is worth purchasing or not.

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