TuneRS Motorsports offers in-house, 4 Wheel Performance Alignments for any Porsche or European vehicle, including center-lock vehicles. The equipment we use is a true alignment with accurate measurements. We can set your car back up to factory specifications, or do a custom setup for you based on your needs. We have become well known for our alignment setups. We have customers that bring their track vehicles to us to have custom alignments done (street, track or combination). We align vehicles for different racing clubs and organizations such as Chin Motorsports, Porsche Club of America, NASA, FARA, SCCA, and Grand-Am vehicles.

Every Porsche vehicle is aligned aggressively, but street-able from the factory. They were built and designed to handle any curve the road throws at it. Many Porsche owners see their rear tires have the tendency to wear a lot toward the inside. This is because the alignment has a great amount of camber, which gives the car excellent handling, but sacrifices tires at a faster rate than normal.The most adjustable points on a vehicle when aligning are the Camber and Toe. The camber angle is the difference from the top of the tire to the bottom of the tire in relation to the road. The toe is the measurement from the front of the tire to the rear of the tire. Most vehicles require having the toe-measurement to be even, or pointing straight. There are some instances where vehicles (either for track, or high performance vehicles) have a different setup on their toe, whether it’s toe-in or toe-out.

Factory ride-height vehicles are simple to align back to proper specifications, but if the vehicle has been lowered, it takes extra care and effort to get it right. Porsche’s that are lowered to European ride-height almost always need rear toe links installed, which give the adjust-ability to bring the camber and toe back into correct specifications. Remember, when vehicles are lowered, suspension tends to “bow” inward, which causes camber to become negative. Many track vehicles require this negative camber to help with the handling, but for street cars it will tear the tires up after a few thousand miles. You will want to have your alignment inspected if you notice steering wheel shimmy, pulling to one side, uneven tire wear or road shock.

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