Our shop is equipped with the latest in factory diagnostic tools which allow us to dig deep to the root of your Porsche’s problem. Have a check engine light that is worrying you? How about flashing indicators, malfunctioning power equipment, odd noises driving you crazy? Stop by our facility and let us diagnose your vehicle and give you a proper estimate for repair.

Should you worry about a check engine light? The check engine light is related to emissions or sensors that may be failing, but it could also relate to more serious issues associated with internal problems. If you have any flashing indicators, the vehicle should not be driven as it is a sign of possible engine failure or serious issue that can be prevented by following the warning indicators. Simple rule: park it, and send it to the shop.

Check engine lights can also arise from an improper air and fuel mixture caused by a mass air flow sensors, oxygen sensors, exhaust gas re circulation valves, vacuum leaks, all can trigger a check engine light if they show a malfunction or improper value reading. You may also have a loose gas cap, causing the evaporative system to malfunction. Leaks in the emission system from plastic hoses that become brittle and crack over time can also cause this.

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