CryoDetail® – The First & Original North American Automotive Dry Ice Cleaning Service!

CryoDetail® was established by TuneRS founder Miguel “Mike” Potolicchio in 2008 and was the first to offer dry ice blasting service to the North American automotive market for restoration & preservation purposes. With countless vehicles completed by CryoDetail and many prestigious awards gained, CryoDetail is the original dry ice detailing service. 

CryoDetail® is the safest, most effective way to bring your vehicle’s undercarriage, engine bay, and other components back to life. This technique will remove the harshest debris, yet won’t destroy soft rubber or electrical components. Nothing but dry ice. Yes that’s right, dry ice. 

CryoDetail® gets into the hardest to reach places, places that other cleaning methods cannot touch. Great for restorations, concourse or daily driven vehicles! Any vehicle make or model can be treated!

Over the years, your vehicle collects hidden oils, road debris, salts, and other contaminants that can slowly destroy your vehicle’s undercarriage and add unnecessary weight. Our CryoDetail® process eliminates all of these hidden debris and leaves you with a new, “assembly line” finish.

  • Safe & Non-Toxic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • FDA, EPA & USDA approved
  • No chemicals, no water
  • Removes all contaminants
  • Removes cosmolines & adhesives
  • No component damaging
  • Not harmful to paint or rubber
  • Cuts weeks of cleaning work into hours


To your left is a video demonstration of our CryoDetail® service being performed on a 1987 Porsche 959 engine. We also performed this service on the undercarriage of the 959 as well to remove debris, cosmoline, oils and whatever contaminants were stuck there as part of refreshing this car for a client. While our trademarked CryoDetail® process is used on all restoration and refresh projects, many of our clients have elected to have this service performed to bring their daily drivers back to the way their cars looked in the showroom. More detailed examples can be found by visiting the following pages:

Visit our CryoDetail website to see more examples of vehicles that have been CryoDetailed! 

Suspension Before Cryodetail

Suspension After Cryodetail

Engine Before Cryodetail

Engine After Cryodetail

Underbody Before Cryodetail

Underbody After Cryodetail

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