964 Project

Starting vehicle: 1991 Porsche 964 911 Carrera 2 Coupe. Clean tub.

Exterior bodywork:

  • The entire vehicle has been stripped down to nothing, only a rolling tub. Once it was stripped down, we performed our CryoDetail dry ice blasting to remove all debris, grime, cosmolines and anything that has stuck to the body and components over the years, leaving us with a fresh clean under body.
  • The rear quarter panels were modified by hand to incorporate all-metal flares. The flares were welded in place and used lead-filler and hand finish.
  • The front fenders have new genuine 965 fenders installed with the flares.
  • The front left fender fuel filler lid has been modified to incorporate a custom classic aluminum fuel filler lid.
  • The right rear quarter panel has also been modified to incorporate a custom classic aluminum oil filler lid, similar to the 1972 911 models of the time.
  • These fuel and oil filler lids have been hand crafted in-house and follow the body lines and shape.
  • The original roof panel with sunroof has been removed and replaced with an original all steel roof with no-sunroof.
  • We do metal to metal on all parts to avoid future cracking under stress.


  • The vehicle has been painted completely using Glasurit 55 line high end paint from the primer to the clear coat.
  • This paint product ensures first class results. The color chosen is based from an Aston Martin magnetic silver, with our own hint of blue to make it unique.
  • The interior body also received the same paintwork so everything has been a complete color change.

Exterior Body Panels:

  • This vehicle will feature genuine front 965 bumper with custom urethane air inlets (urethane) with hidden hardware.
  • The rear bumpers are genuine left & right 965 bumpers with no exhaust cutouts, and a urethane center european bumper.
  • The center section of the rear bumper uses 930 style license plate lights (round) and features a custom made cutout for the GT3 center exhaust tips.
  • Side rocker panels are 965 genuine for the widebody application.
  • Door handles are custom made 50’s style pop-out handle.
  • Roof is sun-roof delete, all metal


Glass and Trim:

  • Front windshield will be new
  • Rear windshield will be the lightweight European thin glass found in the RS vehicles of the time.
  • All of the window frames will be anodized in the accent color of the vehicle (pewter) to give a classic look.

Exterior lighting:

  • Front headlights are custom made Bi-Xenon assemblies for a modern look with a hint of retro.
  • The rear tail lights and center lens are original Genuine European with new seals.
  • Left and right fenders will have European clear side markers that will also function as turn signals.


Suspension & Steering:

  • Ohlins coilover suspension with front camber plates
  • All bushings replaced with Powerflex polyurethane bushings
  • Front and rear adjustable sway bars (RS Euro)
  • Adjustable front and rear sway bar drop links
  • Rear 935 style spring plates
  • Front strut brace covered in leather and stitched
  • Factory power steering rack with new inner & outer tie rod ends


  • The undercarriage is completely CryoDetail’d
  • All hardware, suspension arms, hubs, everything on the undercarriage is cleaned to perfection.


Wheels & Tires:

2 Options on wheel setup.

  • Option 1: Speedline 5 spoke style wheels, 5 lug bolt.
  • Option 2: The wheels are a custom made center-lock with our own center-lock system. The center locks have a retro-style center nut. Wheel style will be similar to Speedline 5 spokes. (+$15,000.00)
  • Tires are going to be new Michelins, going with the maximum width possible for the rear of the vehicle.

Brake System:

Option 1:

  • Front Turbo brakes “big reds” with new cross drilled discs
  • Rear Turbo brakes “big reds” with new cross drilled discs
  • Braided brake lines front and rear
  • Custom front air cooling for brakes
  • Factory ABS system
  • System is flushed and filled with Castrol SRF race brake fluid

Option 2: (+$16,500.00)

  • Front Brembo 6 piston GTR brakes with typ 3 disc
  • Rear Brembo 4 piston GTR brakes with typ 3 disc
  • Braided brake lines front and rear
  • Custom front air cooling for brakes
  • Factory ABS system
  • System is flushed and filled with Castrol SRF race brake fluid

Safety Roll Cage:

  • The vehicle has an integrated “hidden” 6 point weld in roll cage made from Chromoly tubing and tig-welded for superior strength and ridigity.
  • The roll cage strengthens the body from flexing and is also there in the case of a roll over.

Interior: The color of interior is still an option that can be decided. We chose the Garnett red as a nice contrast color for the exterior paint. 

  • The two front seats are Recaro sportster seats, with custom made leather in Garnett red with stitching matching the exterior color of the vehicle.
  • The dashboard will be covered in the same Garnett red leather with stitching matching exterior color.
  • All stitching throughout the interior will be the exterior color for a nice accent.
  • Shift knob will be made from beachwood similar to the Carrera GT.
  • All gauges are customized to have the faces done in a similar color to the exterior and will have LED backlighting for the best night driving experience.
  • The center tachometer will be changed to have the rev limit at top dead center.
  • Door panels are custom RS flat style with integrated door pockets and pull handles.
  • The interior roll cage will be covered completely with the same Garnett red leather to hide it from view, and will have stitching around the two B-pillar sections.
  • The headliner will be an alcantara suede finish in black.
  • No rear seats, a custom rear seat delete box will be fabricated and covered in the same leather color with stitching. It will function like an original seat-delete from Porsche
    with the luggage compartment.
  • Aluminum pedals upgrade
  • Custom dished steering wheel
  • Center console modified


Radio & Sound:

  • A new genuine Porsche classic radio with navigation will be installed. This keeps a nice clean look on the dash and provides good sound.
  • The speakers will be new for the front door panels and rear parcel shelf.

Fuel System:

  • New fuel pump and filter
  • High output RS fuel pump


  • Engine has original number stamped and built as a 3.8L flat six
  • Motorsports 3.8L pistons and cylinders
  • All new bearings, seals, guide rails, chains
  • Cylinder heads have been worked and incorporate new titanium retainers, SS spring plates, and high performance springs.
  • All ARP hardware throughout the engine
  • Mechanical rocker arm set
  • RS Euro camshafts
  • Custom made independent throttle bodies from England
  • Coil-on-plug (distributorless) system with a standalone engine management system
  • Engine tin will be lightweight fiberglass amber (RSR style)
  • All hardware will be plated and treated for a new finish
  • Pauter connecting rod set
  • GT3 oil pump
  • Custom made engine insulation pad
  • Clubsport motor mounts (semi-solid)
  • Rotating assembly blueprinted
  • New Engine fan
  • Billet aluminum valve covers
  • Tubular engine carrier upgrade
  • Dual racing oil coolers
  • Custom airbox for air filter

Exhaust System:

  • Custom exhaust headers without heater
  • Original GT3 center muffler with tips
  • Exhaust will be ceramic coated in a pewter or silver finish


  • Original 5 speed G50 transmission
  • New OS Giken limited slip differential
  • RS short shift linkage rods


  • All electric A/C conversion. This is the cleanest look for these vehicles, no bulky compressor, no a/c drive belt and everything is hidden away. Temperature performance improves over factory system as well.


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