1976 Porsche 911 S Revival


  • After 40 years (many of those with the vehicle sat dormant) the undercarriage looked tired and worn out. Our first goal was to bring the overall appearance back alive and by using our CryoDetail process we would be able to have a clean vehicle and determine what components are still in good condition and which have already suffered beyond repair.


  • These are the results AFTER our CryoDetail cleaning process was performed to this 40+ year old vehicle undercarriage. Years of debris, grime, oils, dirt, whatever stuck to the undercarriage was removed revealing a perfectly clean tub and exposing all of the original components of the vehicle in great condition. This process allows us to work with a clean environment to provide a beautiful product in the end.


  • Fuel tank was removed from vehicle, treated and coated on the interior for protection
  • Fuel lines were removed and all hard lines purged
  • Fuel pressure accumulator replaced
  • Entire inside “frunk” area CryoDetail’d to remove all contaminants and grime that has collected over the years. Original finish remains as-is.
  • Electrical fuse box cleaned and fuses replaced


  • New front and rear brake calipers
  • New front and rear wheel bearings & wheel seals
  • Completely rebuilt front and rear brake calipers
  • New brake master cylinder & reservoir
  • New brake pads front & rear


  • New front Bilstein strut inserts in original Boge housing
  • New rear Bilstein shock absorbers
  • New front lower control arm bushings
  • New front & rear sway bar bushings
  • New steering gear tie rods
  • New front upper strut mounts


  • 3.2L Carrera engine (not original to vehicle) had not run in many years.
  • Cylinder heads cleaned & complete valve job.
  • All new seals & gaskets top to bottom.
  • New connecting rod & crank main bearings.
  • New connecting rod hardware.
  • New distributor cap, rotor, spark plug cables & new spark plugs.
  • New cylinder head and block hardware with strengthened studs.
  • New timing guide rails and timing chains.
  • Mechanical components hot tank cleaned to remove all contaminants, oil & sludge.
  • New piston rings and wrist pin bushings.
  • Transmission was opened, inspected & re-sealed. No major problems found, solid condition.
  • Rear axle shafts rebuilt.
  • New Sachs clutch kit, release bearing and fork.


Engine rebuild has been completed and reinstalled into the vehicle mated with a re-sealed transmission. A new engine insulation pad was installed after removing the old deteriorating one. Now that the mechanical process has been completed, the vehicle has been aligned, balanced & test driven and is finally road-worthy again!


The entire exterior body is chemically stripped to reveal previous repairs, body work and paint work that had been done. This vehicle had extensive work done to it previously and had wide body flares on the front fenders and rear quarter panels to give it a real turbo look. The previous repairs however were not done correctly and the vehicle was covered in bondo, requiring more work on stripping than initially thought. Each panel is stripped one by one, back to the metal to be worked correctly. After each panel is stripped, cleaned and prepped they are primered for protection while the rest of the body panels are worked on. Our in-house body technicians work the metal by hand to use as minimal body filler as possible to ensure the correct shape as well as perfect work.

The vehicle is transported enclosed to the downdraft paint booth to have the final prep and paintwork done.

Vehicle Re-Assembly



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