1999 Porsche 996 Carrera Racer

This is a 1999 Carrera Racer built by TuneRS. It is not a true “Spec Carrera” as there are some modifications done to it that will not classify it as such. The car competes in GTB-1 but with a few modifications it can compete in Spec Carrera. This started as a base model 99′ 996 coupe and little by little was converted into what you see now, a fully dedicated track racer. It has a stock 3.4L engine rebuilt by TuneRS with a stock 6 speed transmission. Fastest lap time around Sebring is a 2:19.

Options installed:

  • 6 point weld in roll cage by TuneRS
  • New factory steel roof skin (sunroof-delete)
  • 3.4L Engine assembly rebuilt by TuneRS
  • Direct Oil Feed lubrication & cooling system for IMS bearing
  • TRS 2 quart deep sump oil pan
  • TRS 3 quart accusump kit
  • TRS 4″ under drive pulley
  • TRS braided brake line kit
  • MOMO Millenium 350mm steering wheel with quick release
  • OMP 6 point race harness
  • GT3 lower control arms
  • GT3 Cup coilover suspension
  • GT3 Cup Sway Bars
  • GT3 Cup Strut Tower Brace
  • TRS rear adjustable toe control arms
  • Tarett front drop links, extended
  • Racing wheel studs & lugnuts
  • Slotted brake discs with Pagid racing pads
  • Coolsuit driver cooling system
  • TRS transmission shifter security clips
  • Driver side safety window net
  • Kill switch start/stop panel
  • MOMO Lesmo One racing seat
  • Safecraft 5lb manual dual pull fire suppression system
  • 6 pole kill switch
  • Fabspeed supercup exhaust system
  • OZ lightweight wheel set, 18″

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