Porsche 997 Numeric Racing short shifter & shift cables install @ TuneRS Motorsports

This local 2007 997 Turbo was brought in for a new set of Numeric Racing shift cables as well as the NR short shifter upgrade. This shift cable & shifter combo improves the shifting greatly on street and track vehicles. It eliminates all of the factory plastic components and is all metal, providing a much more precision shift throw. This work of art has a multi-adjustable shift lever for various throws and adjustable cable mono blocks for horizontal lever placement. It’s evolutionary structure is CNC machined from aerospace grade aluminum, stainless steel hardware and includes precision ball bearings to ensure undeniable accuracy.

The first step is to access the stock shifter under the center console. The original shift boot, followed by parking brake cover and center console are removed first.

This 997 already had an aftermarket short shifter installed, but the owner was still not 100% satisfied with the throw reduction and precision of it. With the center console out and the shifter accessible, the old shift housing is removed. Disconnecting the shift cable ends from the shifter and removing the securing hardware and the shifter should lift out complete. Above is a left & right comparision of the Numeric shifter and the one removed from this 997. The next step is to secure the vehicle on a lift so the shift cable ends attaching to the transmission are accessible. The factory shift cables have a few weak points, and one of the big problems are the plastic ends that begin to wear down overtime and can snap off leaving the vehicle stranded. Numeric Racing’s Performance Shifter Cables include a wider diameter cable, aluminum rod ends and stainless steel mounting connectors. This assembly greatly improves the overall strength, performance, and durability of the cables. This results in a significant enhancement throughout gear engagement and cable longevity. Most importantly, Numeric Racing Shifter Cables are designed to completely eliminate the excess movement found to be the known culprit of cable breaks.

Once the cables are secured and shifter is installed, it’s good practice to test drive the vehicle before re-assembling the center console back in place to ensure proper engagement in each gear. The numeric shifter also has a 3 way adjustment for longer to extreme short throw which is done simply by moving the center bolt up or down. We prefer the medium setting on street vehicles as it gives a very nice throw reduction and still gives the transmission time to engage.

Once everything is back in place, it looks as if nothing has changed at all to the interior. The numeric shifter fits perfectly under the center console and the vehicle remains with a factory stock look!

Interested in purchasing a Numeric Racing shifter and cable? You can purchase them directly through our online store or by giving us a call at 954.345.7877.

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