Porsche 991 Turbo S KW H.A.S Conversion & Powerflex LCA Bushing Install @ TuneRS Motorsports

This local 991 Turbo S came to our shop for some suspension upgrades. The owner does a lot of Autocross events with it and was looking for a better setup without “breaking the bank.” It already had a set of H&R springs equipped done by its previous owner, but this was not sufficient enough.

A KW H.A.S. (height adjustable spring) kit was ordered for the 991 Turbo S model (part # 25371051). These spring conversion kits install onto the factory shock absorbers creating a “coilover” style suspension with height adjustment range of .4″ to 1.2″ and will allow the vehicle to be completely corner-balanced for much better handling.

Before jumping into removing the shocks and installing the vehicle was weighed in it’s current form to get an idea of where we were at. The current setup with the H&R springs had the vehicle weight all out of whack, and because there is no adjustment with them there was nothing that could be done. Once the current weight setup was determined, the 991 was removed of it’s factory shocks to begin the install of the KW system.

The KW system is straight forward. With the shocks, top mounts & springs removed, the first step is to remove the factory lower spring perch. This takes a little bit of effort but not long. The KW spring perch is then installed in place followed by the adjusters, springs & helpers and the top mount. This kit was ordered with a set of Tarett Engineering front upper camber mounts. The rears will retain the factory upper mounts.

Next up, the front lower control arms were removed to have the Powerflex urethane bushing upgrades. The Powerflex Camber eccentric and Caster eccentric bushings were installed. These arms are identical the previous version 997’s so the same bushing kits were utilized. These are currently the only Powerflex bushing upgrade available for the 991.

Once the KW system & Powerflex bushings on the front lower control arms were installed and everything in place, the car is passed to the alignment rack to be first ride-height adjusted & corner-balanced. After the corner-balance a complete four wheel alignment is performed. String method is used at our shop for alignment.

The vehicle is now ready to hit the track!

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