LiquiMoly Transmission & Gear Oils

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Only perfectly lubricated motors and gears run smoothly. This is why LIQUI MOLY offers oils tailored to suit each vehicle precisely. Whether for a car or truck, motorcycle or moped, scooter or quad bike, bus or digger, vintage car or boat. Whether it’s a gasoline or diesel motor. Fully synthetic, synthetic technology, semi-synthetic or mineral-based. Always in the very highest quality. Always made in Germany.


Article: LM2048 | Fully Synthetic Gear Oil SAE 75w90

For highload manual and auxiliary trans-missions, particularly modern transaxlesystems and axle drives.

Fully synthetic high-performance gear oil for extended oil-change intervals and extreme loads.

Approvals & Recommendations: API GL5 | MIL-L 2105 C | MIL-L 2105 D



Article: LM20012 | High Performance Gear Oil (GL4+)

Universal use for the latest manual and transaxle transmissions. LIQUI MOLY recommends this product for vehicles from Audi, Ford EU, the VW-Group and numerous other manufacturers. Comply with the vehicle or aggregate manufacturer’s instructions.

Full synthetic transmission oil. Ensures exact friction behavior and provides outstanding ageing resistance. Exceeds the tough test requirements demanded by renowned manufacturers. Even under the most difficult conditions and during large temperature fluctuations, it ensures flawless aggregate functioning. Greatest lubrication security, maximum wear protection through large viscosity bandwidth. Ensures easy shifting and smoothest running.

Approvals & Recommendations: API GL4+ | Ford ESD-M2C 175-A | VW 501 50 (G50) | ZF TE-ML 08


Article: LM20016 | Gear Oil (GL4) SAE 85w90

For manual, auxiliary and axle drive transmissions with normal to high loading. Comply with the vehicle or aggregate manufacturer’s instructions.

Mineral transmission oil. Provides a stable lubricating film. Minimizes wear. Provides extremely good lubrication properties and outstanding corrosion protection. Enables smooth shifting.

Approvals & Recommendations: API GL4 | MAN 341 Typ E1 | MAN 341 Typ Z2 | MIL-L 2105 | ZF TE-ML 16A | ZF TE-ML 17A | ZF TE-ML 19A



Article: LM20044 | Dual Clutch Transmission Oil 8100

This hi-tech lubricant was developed specifically for the requirements of the increasingly prevalent dual clutch transmissions (DCT). Dual clutch transmission oil 8100 is especially also suited for dual clutch transmissions equipped with a shared oil supply for clutch, synchronization, gear set and hydraulic control.

Specially developed for use in dual-clutch transmissions (DCT transmissions) in vehicles made by Audi and the VW Group. Usage according to the prescribed specifi cations from the unit or vehicle manufacturer.

Approvals & Recommendations: BMW 83 22 0 440 214 | BMW 83 22 2 147 477 | BMW 83 22 2 148 578 |BMW 83 22 2 148 579 | BMW DCTF-1 | BMW MTF LT-5 | Chrysler | Ford WSS-M2C 936-A | MB 236.21 | Mitsubishi MZ320065 Dia-Queen SSTF-I | Nissan WSS-M2C 936-A | Peugeot Citroen (PSA) 9734.S2 | Porsche 999.917.080.00 | Volvo 1161839 | Volvo 1161838 | VW G 052 182 | VW G 052 529

Article: LM20042 | Fully Synthetic Hypoid Gear Oil (GL5) LS SAE 75w140

High-load vehicle hypoid transmissions. Particularly BMW vehicles with and with-out locked differential axle systems, manual transmissions and ancillary units. Fully synthetic hypoid gear oil with LS additive for passenger vehicles, particularly BMW vehicles with locked axle systems and extended periods between oil changes as well as numerous Japanese transmission types. High-load vehicle hypoid transmissions.
The manufacturer’s operating instructions must be followed.

Approvals & Recommendations: API GL5 | BMW Hinterachsgetriebeöl | Ford WSL-M2C 192A | Scania STO 1:0 | VME | ZF TE-ML 05D | ZF TE-ML 12D | ZF TE-ML 16G | ZF TE-ML 21D



Article: LM20010 | Hypoid Gear Oil (GL5) SAE 85w90

For highly stressed vehicle transmissions without limited-slip differentials, especially axle drives with hypoid gears. Comply with the vehicle or aggregate manufacturer’s instructions.

Hypoid Gear Oil SAE 85W-90 is a high-performance, high-pressure gear oil manufactured from carefully selected base oils and multifunctional “extreme pressure” additives. It is suitable for powered transmission and axle drives, especially for high-load hypoid transmissions.

Approvals & Recommendations: API GL5 | MAN 342 Typ M1 |MB-Freigabe 235.0 | MIL-L 2105 D | ZF TE-ML 16C | ZF TE-ML 17B |ZF TE-ML 19B | ZF TE-ML 21A | ZF Freigabenummer ZF000695


Article: LM20018 | Top Tec ATF 1200

For automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, steering systems, hydraulic systems and auxiliary drives both in passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles and in industrial applications. Usage according to the prescribed specifications from the unit or vehicle manufacturer. Prevents build-up of harmful deposits. Ensures exact friction behavior and guarantees outstanding ageing resistance. Highest lubrication security under all conditions. Secures the functional performance of the aggregate and ensures long service life. With advanced wear-protection technology.




Approvals & Recommendations: Dexron III H | Ford Mercon V | Honda ATF Z1 (ausser CVT) | Hyundai SP II | Hyundai SP III | JASO 1-A | Kia SP-II | Kia SP III | Mazda ATF M III | Mazda ATF M-V | Mitsubishi SP-II | Mitsubishi SP-III | Nissan AT-Matic D Fluid | Nissan AT-Matic J Fluid | Nissan AT-Matic K Fluid | Toyota Type T-II | Toyota Type T-IV | Allison TES 295 | BMW 7045 E | BMW 8072 B | BMW LA 2634 | BMW LT 71141 | Caterpillar TO-2 | Chrysler ATF +3 | Chrysler ATF +4 | Daimler NAG-1 | JWS 3309 (Aisin Warner) | MAN 339 Typ V1 | MAN 339 Typ Z1 | MAN 339 Typ Z2 | MB 236.2 | MB 236.3 | MB 236.5 | MB 236.6 | MB 236.7 | MB 236.9 | MB 236.10 | MB 236.11 | Subaru ATF | Voith H55.6335.XX (G 607) | Volvo 97340 | Volvo 97341 | VW G 052 162 | VW G 052 990 | VW G 055 025 | ZF TE-ML 02F | ZF TE-ML 03D | ZF TE-ML 04D | ZF TE-ML 05L | ZF TE-ML 09 | ZF TE-ML 11A | ZF TE-ML 11B | ZF TE-ML 14A | ZF TE-ML 14B | ZF TE-ML 17C

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