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Vehicle Application for (DOF)®: Porsche Vehicles manufactured between 1997 to 2008 with water cooled engines excluding Turbo, GT2, GT3 and Carrera GT.

Why wait before it’s too late? Once you start to experience excessive wear on the IMS bearing, it may be too late. Give your Porsche’s IMS Bearing the proper lubrication it needs by adding a Direct Oil Feed (DOF)® kit.

Not every bearing is guaranteed to fail, but why take the risk? For the late style engines (2005-2008) with the larger bearing; your IMS bearing cannot be extracted and it will require full engine dismantling to replace. Your 997 and 987 Porsche may soon see excessive wear on the IMS bearing. Give yourself peace of mind knowing the bearing’s life can be extended with the required lubrication from the DOF®. Please select the appropriate kit by clicking the images below to place your order online.





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