2015 Macan S H&R Sport Spring Installation at TuneRS Motorsports


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Today we had the pleasure of installing a set of new H&R sport springs for a local customers 2015 Macan S. The H&R springs offer a more aggressive sporty look without compromising ride quality. This specific Macan is a non-PASM setup which required the use of part number 28788-2 and provides an approximate lowering of 1.5″ front and rear.

We start here with original suspension and no modifications to the vehicle. Factory height front and rear. The wheel gap is just too much, especially for a Porsche, and lowering it will not only be aesthetically better but the overall handling will increase. Heck, this is after all a big 911 and not a small Cayenne. 

A new set of H&R sport springs ready to give this Macan a 1.5″ drop all around. 

With the Macan secured on the lift and an initial inspection performed, it was time to begin removal of the factory springs. 

Front factory shock & spring. Soon to be changed with some nice blue sporty springs. 

Rear factory spring. 


With the front struts removed, we could proceed with removal of the springs. This requires the use of a spring compressor to extract the springs from the original strut once the strut is off of the vehicle. 

Original spring on left. H&R Spring installed on right. 


Front H&R springs installed and struts reinstalled into the Macan. Getting closer! 

Next up are the rear coil springs to be removed. 

With the rear springs out, the new H&R springs are put in place. 

This is the initial drop in the front once the wheels were placed back on and the vehicle lowered from the lift. Much better than stock. 

This is the initial drop in the rear once the wheels were placed back on and the vehicle lowered from the lift. 

After installing any new suspension components it is always necessary to check and perform an alignment to ensure proper handling as well as proper tire wear. 

These are the results of the H&R sport spring installation and alignment performed. 



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