IMS Bearing Direct Oil Feed

While working on a rebuilds for a number of water cooled Carreras and Boxsters in 2008 we noticed that the the much talked about culprit of many engine failures on Carreras, Boxsters and Caymans between 1997 and 2008 was not necessarily just the IMS or Intermediate Shaft Bearing. While some will argue about the bearing design or the short shaft found in water cooled Turbo Carreras and air cooled Porsches vs. the long shaft found in the water cooled non Turbo Carreras, Boxsters and Caymans up until 2008 as the issue for the high number of engine failures. We noticed that the common issue for many engine failures was due to the sealed IMS bearing eventually losing it’s internal lubrication and the bearing needed more lubrication to help increase the bearings longevity. We found a solution that might work but of course it needed to be thoroughly tested. This sparked idea for our patent pending Intermediate Shaft Bearing Direct Oil Feed System (DOF)® lubrication kit.

Miguel (Mike) Potolicchio of TuneRS spent over three years designing, testing and developing the Direct Oil Feed (DOF)® system (Copyright TuneRS Motorsports2013). During that time several vehicles were picked during the development stages and prototypes were installed, carefully studied and documented. The first finalized, non-prototype DOF® was presented in February at the 2013 PCA 48 Hours at Sebring. We placed the first finalized DOF® on our #93 Spec Boxster for the 48 hour event and documented the results (specifically oil pressure drops and other parameters) afterwards. The oil fed to the ball bearings had also been cooled, dropping temperature significantly on the bearing of an average of 30 degrees. After the success and interest at Sebring we began to offer our patent pending Intermediate Shaft Bearing Direct Oil Feed System (DOF)® lubrication kit as a solution for all MY97-08 M96 and M97 Porsche engines with IMS bearings.

Several years later repair facilities that service Porsches as well as highly skilled and well equipped do it yourselfers are upgrading their Porsches with our DOF kit. TuneRS Direct Oil Feed kit uses a patent pending custom made Intermediate Shaft Flange that enables a direct flow of filtered motor oil directly to the original Intermediate Shaft Bearing. The bearing receives oil fed by a custom oil line run from the positive oil pressure feed located on the engine’s cylinder head directly to the custom designed opening in our Intermediate Shaft Flange. This much needed freshly fed oil has direct access to the bearings as the outer seal on the bearing is no longer required and removed. Therefore providing the bearing with continuous flow of filtered engine oil for constant lubrication.

Racing for DOF


If a TuneRS race car and custom Spec racer is built with our Direct Oil Feed then we think you will want it on your Porsche. The TuneRS kit also includes a steel SKF bearing to replace your old IMS bearing that might as well be replaced to start with a fresh IMS bearing. Worth noting, some of our clients prefer ton install ceramic ball bearings for the benefit of lowered friction and temperature isolation. Additionally, some clients have chosen to combine the DOF with the larger load capacity of thrust or spherical roller bearings. Roller bearings especially need lubrication due to the large contact surface that increases heat and friction in roller bearings. Regardless of the bearing selected, it still requires lubrication for the bearing and engine longevity.The TuneRS DOF provides constant bearing lubrication to try to alleviate that risk and is an excellent way to protect and potentially add to the resale value of your Porsche.


While we provide step by step instructions for installing your Direct Oil Feed on your Porsche we suggest you consider whether you are equipped with the appropriate tools, time and mechanical inclination before taking on this project yourself. Some of our clients have performed this service themselves and we have complete faith in our customers, our installation guide as well as our product. If you are not sure about whether you can handle this yourself then we suggest you have this service performed for you at a reputable shop if you are not near our facility in Coral Springs Florida. Please click the links to the right for ordering from us or locating a shop or distributor that may be closer to you. Plus also feel welcome to click here to visit our developmental and FAQ page to learn more about our Direct Oil Feed Kit.